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About Us

Who We Are

Our team started out in various industries (technology, business administration and marketing) but we ended up in construction. It was a real eye-opener; construction is such a mixed bag of technological advances and old-school methods. Additionally, each niche within the contractor world has its own nuances and needs. One thing we noticed was that trade contractors were often overlooked.  Software is designed for general contractors and often have trade contractors as an after thought. Our goal is to fix that problem.  Our software will improve your business, but if we are not the best option for your business we will help implement the software that best fits your business.  We don’t care about the software.  We want to see your business grow.  That is how we do business.

We do not presume to know it all. However, if you are willing, we would love to work with you to grow your business.

A unique benefit to our platform is that when you maintain a subscription with us, your company will have a non-voting share in our company which will allow us to profit share with you as our company grows.  Contact us if you want to work with a trade contractor focused software firm.